Projects 2005-2014

Memorials and remains of medical research in Africa: an anthropology of scientific landscapes, ruins and artefacts

Street Level Health Workers: Producing Public Health in the African City

Tracking Toxins: Scientists, Poison and Risk in Senegal

Perceptions and experiences of collaboration between scientists in transnational HIV/Medical research as an emergent bioethical issue

Studying ‘trial communities’: an ethnographic exploration of medical field research on HIV/AIDS in western Kenya

Medical Research, Development and Memory in Colonial and Postcolonial Nigeria

Comparative Ethnographic Study of Clinical Research Collaborations in East and West Africa

Replacing DDT: Rigorous Evaluation of Spatial Repellents for the Control of Vector Borne Diseases

Community Engagement and Ethical Practices in Vaccine Research

Negotiation of consent: an ethnographic exploration of a clinical trial in Lusaka, Zambia

Local engagement in transnational medical research in Lusaka, Zambia

Researcher-Community interactions in medical research and disease control projects: the experiences of the Division of Vector Borne Diseases (DVBD, MoH) in Kenya

Research as everyday life: an ethnographic exploration of a research village